What is the ELNE?Promoting Collaborative
Leadership in Europe

The Educational Leadership Network Europe is a committed community of education stakeholders working to enhance collaborative school leadership in Europe. It has the ultimate goal of improving the learning outcomes for students and is founded on the conviction that quality education is at the heart of social progress.

This Europe-wide, ever-growing network is currently composed of 60 partner organisations from 34 countries at the European, national, regional, and local levels. These ELNE members represent the voices of tens of thousands of education employers, teachers, school heads, parents, students, researchers, policymakers...

The ELNE provides its community with a platform to 1) showcase educational research, practices, and social programmes; 2) connect with other stakeholders and break the silos; and 3) get inspired and empowered to shape the future of education.

European Educational Leadership Week

The European Educational Leadership Week (EELW) is a week-long online forum made up of dynamic and innovative webinars. These are collaboratively organised by the ELNE partners, associated networks, and other national organisations and universities, where educational research, school best practices, and ongoing policy work are shared with a wide audience of stakeholders in a live format, actively engaging in the conversation.

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